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Westside Provider Network


The Westside Provider Network was established in 1991 by the Life Adjustment Team as a way for mental health service providers to build a referral system for its members that would not only be efficient and accessible, but also personal and familiar. Being able to put a face to a name when talking to another service provider makes it easier to refer consumers and their families to the appropriate service.
The Network has experienced tremendous growth in membership and has greatly expanded its referral base since its inception in 1991. Word of mouth networking has brought treatment providers together from varied programs and facilities throughout California and around the country, and two additional Networks have been established in Pasadena and Orange County.


The goal of the Westside Provider Network is to help mental health service providers deliver the highest quality of care possible through networking and resource sharing.
The Network is comprised of individuals working in a variety of mental health services, including community-based mental health centers, hospitals, local law enforcement, the Department of Mental Health, and consumer advocacy organizations.
Providers meet twice a year for Network Luncheons to share up-to-date information on programs and services available. During these events, each service provider gives a brief overview of the facility or program they represent, the services provided, funding sources, and contact names and numbers, while following the “one table” format used since the Network’s inception. Members also have valuable networking time before and after the presentations to follow up with any member they identify as a key resource.

How to Join

The Network is open to any mental health service provider looking to expand their referral base for clients. There are currently three networks available to service providers in California. For more information, call Cynthia Sampson at (310) 572-7000.

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