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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Specialists
Established in 1977

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Toll Free: 888-456-0600


Where is the Team located?

The Life Adjustment Team is located in Marina del Rey, California. For detailed information, click here to be redirected to our LAT Locations page.

Can someone come to my home to help me?

Yes, we are an outreach Team and we make home visits.

Do you accept insurance?

For our IOP, we are in network with many insurance companies and can also bill out-of-network on your behalf. For Case Management, some insurance and managed care companies will help with the cost of treatment. We will help you apply to your insurance company for reimbursement; however, we do not bill insurance companies directly unless special payment arrangements can be made. It is your responsibility to pay your bill to The Life Adjustment Team in a timely manner.

Do you accept Medi-Cal or Medicare insurance?

Medi-Cal does not pay for outpatient rehabilitation, however, we can refer you to free services and programs that do accept Medi-Cal or Medicare.

How do I know if you can help me?

We are available by phone or in person, to answer questions about your particular situation and explain how the program works.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us with your phone number at [email protected]. We will be happy to contact you directly and answer any questions you may have, and may add the question to our FAQ page in the future.

What kinds of problems do you help to treat?

We make it an easy transition for clients and their families to enter into a healthier, happier space in their daily lives. We teach coping and independent living skills for anyone who may be dealing with drug or alcohol abuse and/or depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, PTSD and most other mental health issues.

I don’t think my family member will do this. Can you help?

We have helped many families help their loved ones. We do it together. We do it with respect. With our proven techniques which treat all participants with safety, empowerment and respect, we have helped even the most resistant people participate in our program.

When can we start?

You can start with our Team immediately. After the initial assessment, we develop an action plan to help you and your family on your journey to recovery.

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At LAT, we’re dedicated to providing every individual with the highest level of care and support possible, and you can trust the results-driven, evidence-based methods our program is built on. Our clinic has successfully helped thousands of people just like you and your loved ones get their lives on track for the last 40 years, and that’s a record you can rely on. Our model of outpatient treatment and rehabilitation is among the best and most successful in the industry.

Our team’s experience and expertise are informed by a combined 160+ years of clinical practice, so no matter how big or small the problem is, you can count on us to provide the care you need. Schedule a meeting with our Clinical Team today, and let us show you why we’re the right choice for you!

We will help you make the right choices about treatment to get back on track.