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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Specialists
Established in 1977

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Pete Linnett

Founder / CEO

Pete Linnett founded the Life Adjustment Team in 1977 in response to the need for effective discharge planning, structure and support for recovery. The Team pioneered a community-based mobile outreach psychiatric rehabilitation approach, providing a safety net for effective long term relapse prevention and community bridge building.

Pete launched his 45+ year career in mental health at age 18, first working as a psychiatric technician in upstate New York. After many years of seeing the same people rotate through the “system,” it seemed the high rate of re-hospitalization was in part due to the lack of structure and support systems to help patients get connected and become stable, active, and productive. LAT serves that need.

In 1988 Pete was hired by the UCLA Research Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation for a project to field test protocols of outpatient services, delivery systems and in vivo skills training. Today the Life Adjustment Team implements state-of-the-art comprehensive outpatient psychiatric rehabilitation and substance abuse treatment using evidence-based best practices. The LAT model of outpatient treatment combines the in-vivo skills training modules developed at UCLA and the over 40 years of experience in developing and implementing successful intervention and outpatient rehabilitation plans that involve community.

In 1991, Pete started the Westside Mental Health Provider Network. The network is comprised of individuals working in a variety of mental health services, including community-based mental health centers, hospitals, local law enforcement, the Department of Mental Health, and consumer advocacy organizations. The goal of the Network is to help mental health service providers deliver the highest quality of care possible through networking and resource sharing. The Network began with six members and has grown to 300 members in Los Angeles, Pasadena and Orange County.

Pete has served on the Board of NAMI Los Angeles and was part of the founding board of A4CIP to bring a voice to programs and services across the country dedicated to true empowerment through inclusion and connection to the community.