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An Overview Of the Mental Health Case Management Process

Mental health case management is a pivotal aspect of holistic mental healthcare that plays a crucial role in promoting well-being and independence for individuals facing mental health challenges. This comprehensive approach brings together a diverse team of health and human services professionals, working collaboratively to create tailored care plans that cater to each individual’s unique … Read more

An Overview of Our Comprehensive Psychiatric Case Management Process & Services in Los Angeles

When it comes to mental health support, The Life Adjustment Team takes a distinctive and empowering approach to psychiatric case management in Los Angeles. We understand that each individual’s journey toward healing is unique, and we are committed to providing personalized care that addresses each of our client’s specific and multi-dimensional needs. In this article, … Read more

Preventing Relapse: Schizophrenia Case Management Los Angeles

Relapse prevention is an essential aspect of treating schizophrenia, an often misunderstood and debilitating mental disorder that affects around 1 in 100 people worldwide. People with schizophrenia require ongoing care and support to manage the disorder. Case management can ensure that treatment plans remain effective and relapse is avoided. Case management involves coordinating and providing … Read more

What Are Wraparound Mental Health Services?

Wraparound mental health services are a comprehensive, integrated approach to providing holistic, youth and family-centered care when children and youth experience serious mental health or behavioral challenges. This strategy puts the child or youth and their family at the center of the decision-making process, with a team of mental health professionals and resources to help … Read more

What Are Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs)?

Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) for mental health provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary mental health treatment while allowing patients to live at home and continue working or attending school. IOPs typically meet for 3-5 hours per day, 3-5 days per week, and include both group and individual therapy and medication management, if needed. Treatment is focused on helping … Read more

The Long-Term Consequences of the Pandemic on Our Mental Health

Although it’s been over two years now since the COVID-19 pandemic first began, the toll it has taken on our mental health is becoming increasingly evident. Depression and anxiety rates have been soaring, and it’s not hard to see why. For those of us who have lost loved ones to the virus, the grief can … Read more

The Social Impact of Mental Health Stigma

Mental illness is often seen as a dirty secret. Many people are afraid to talk about it, afraid to seek help, and afraid to admit that they have a problem. In fact, the stigma that surrounds mental illness is one of the biggest obstacles to people seeking treatment and getting the assistance they need when … Read more

Living With Bipolar Disorder

So you just got diagnosed with bipolar disorder and you’re trying to find answers, but learning about your new diagnosis is becoming overwhelming. Our team has put together our own research to help you identify five triggers for mania.  While bipolar disorder is a serious, long-term mental health condition that is characterized by extreme mood … Read more

Can You Test for Bipolar Disorder?

In today’s digital age, it is hard to not self-diagnose. Especially with the openness of apps like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, etc. People are constantly talking about their symptoms that the average person could be experiencing as well. But does that mean you are bipolar too?  In the past several decades, doctors have made significant progress … Read more