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Schizophrenia Family Support: How Family Members Can Help on the Day to Day

When someone in the family is diagnosed with schizophrenia, the entire family is affected in one way or another. It can be a devastating, scary, and uncertain time for the person dealing with the mental illness and their family to learn how to navigate. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for coping with schizophrenia, but there … Read more

Schizophrenia Family Support: How To Manage Caregiving Over Time

When a family member is diagnosed with schizophrenia, it can be challenging to wrap your head around what it means for them and you as a caregiver. As much as you may love and care for them, taking on the role of a caregiver can be challenging, especially for an extended period of time. In … Read more

What Is Care Coordination?

Care coordination is a collaborative process that ensures that people living with a serious physical or mental illness receive all the care they need. Care coordination involves an active team effort that brings together professionals from different disciplines, like mental health and medical care, to ensure that care is managed effectively and that the needs … Read more