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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Specialists
Established in 1977

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Mental Health Case Management Services

Psychosocial Rehabilitation

For 45 years, The Life Adjustment Team has been implementing state-of-the-art comprehensive outpatient psychiatric rehabilitation using the best evidence-based practices. We provide one-to-one support in the home, community, school, and workplace when appropriate and work with clients who have a variety of mental health conditions.

Our Psychosocial Rehabilitation is designed for individuals living with a mental health diagnosis. Our program includes individualized, one-to-one activities with the goal of helping clients learn the skills and tools needed to lead emotionally balanced and fulfilling lives.

What Is Clinical Mental Health Case Management?

Clinical case management is a cooperative effort between a client, their family, and a team of multidisciplinary clinical case managers working towards the common goal of psychiatric rehabilitation. Clinical case managers serve to assess problems, coordinate plans, provide mentorship, and advocate for courses of action and key case management services to help meet an individual or family’s health and wellness needs. This is accomplished through honest communication, working collaboratively, and facilitating access to available resources that support client safety, quality of life, quality of care, and cost effective outcomes.

The underlying principles of clinical case management are grounded in the fact that when an individual’s needs are met and when an optimum level of wellness, independence and functional capability are reached, they become empowered to live more stable, active and productive lives. Identifying the various types of support someone needs is the first step. Our clinical case managers evaluate the complex factors that contribute to and exacerbate a client’s mental illness, identify the challenges that block the client’s progress, and develop effective solutions to help the client live a more stable, active and productive life.

What Clients Can Expect From Our Mental Health Case Management Services

Patients talking in a rehabilitation program

Clients participate in individualized one-to-one visits with Master’s level clinicians. The rehabilitation plan is developed and customized based on the needs of the client and/or their family. The average rehabilitation plan includes 3 visits per week, lasting approximately 2 hours each. We pride ourselves on partnering and collaborating with all members of our client’s treatment team, as our goal is to provide the client with a true 360-degree wraparound service. The focus of our mental health services follow the seven Domains of Functioning outlined in How We Help.

The following list includes some of the conditions that can be helped through our Assertive Community Treatment Services:

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Assertive Community Treatment Programs: How It Works

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) is one of the oldest and most widely researched evidence-based practices designed to reach clients who have had difficulty responding to traditional forms of outpatient therapy. ACT can also be helpful for anyone wanting a more personal and individualized approach to treatment. Life Adjustment Team strives to deliver the best care possible to every client. We bring treatment to you in your home or in the community by developing a trusting relationship and creating a rehabilitation plan that includes individualized goals established by the client, their family, and their skilled clinical team.

The ACT model used by Life Adjustment Team establishes consistent, caring, and person-centered relationships between clients and our Team. We work tirelessly to improve clients’ independence and quality of life through teaching, mentoring, and coaching new skills and strategies for solving problems and encouraging engagement in meaningful activities. We provide comprehensive multilateral support in every area of life. Our Team supports clients and their families every step of the way to ensure that trust is maintained and care is delivered effectively so that everyone’s needs are met.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Programs

Psychosocial rehabilitation helps people develop the social, emotional and intellectual skills they need to live successfully with the minimal amount of professional assistance they can manage. Psychosocial rehabilitation uses two strategies for intervention: learning coping skills to better increase one’s ability to successfully handle a stressful environment and developing resources that reduce future stressors.

Treatments and resources vary from case to case however might include medication management, psychological support, family coaching, vocational and independent living training, housing, job coaching, educational assistance and social support.

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