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Domains of Functioning

“When the Seven Domains of Functioning are successfully addressed, clients learn to manage their illness and develop a social network. They find balance through recreational activities, attend to personal business, and strengthen family ties. Most importantly, clients gain self-confidence, find direction, and pursue satisfaction in life.”

The Life Adjustment Team was built on the principle that we all have certain needs that must be met to live happy, healthy lives. When one’s ability to meet these needs is impaired, relationships, employment, and one’s quality of life suffers. 

The focus of rehabilitation with the Team is to find creative ways to help clients meet these basic needs using the following Seven Domains Of Functioning:

PSYCHIATRIC/ MEDICAL Understanding of one’s illness and prescribed medication is essential for successful rehabilitation. Knowing how to manage symptoms and recognize warning signs improves stability and helps prevent relapse.

SOCIAL/ INTERPERSONAL Appearance, attitude, and confidence have a major impact on how one gets along with other people. The Team offers support and training in social problem solving and basic conversation skills.

RECREATION Using leisure time to recreate adds balance to life. Inactivity often results in boredom, which produces stress and negatively impacts stress-vulnerable illness. The Team uses recreation to motivate people to become active, enhance social networking, improve physical and mental health, and build self-confidence. 

SELF- MANAGEMENT Planning, budgeting, and tracking are essential skills for independent living. The Team teaches organizational skills and systems for time management and money management and can also address all activities of daily living.

FAMILY Family relationships often become strained, even when family members offer to help. The Team can assist with communication and problem solving within the family and can assume the management role in treatment.

EDUCATION/ VOCATION The overarching goal of recovery is to enjoy a useful and productive life. The role of The Life Adjustment Team is to help define our client’s abilities and talents, provide direction to create short, medium, and long-term goals, and implement the plans to carry them out in a supportive, respectful and empowering manner.

BELIEF SYSTEM Our belief system is a combination of our experiences, knowledge and insights. When faced with a difficult situation in life, we tend to focus on the problem and not the solution, which leads us to fear-based decision making. What we focus on determines our state of mind and attitude. It is essential to teach clients to focus on solutions by developing a positive attitude toward rehabilitation based on believing in themselves and the treatment team.