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LAT’s Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program

For 40 years, The Life Adjustment Team has been implementing state-of-the-art comprehensive outpatient psychiatric rehabilitation and substance abuse treatment using the best evidence-based practices. We provide one-to-one support in the home, community, school, and workplace when appropriate and work with clients that have a variety of conditions.
Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is for individuals living with a mental health diagnosis and/or struggling with an addiction. IOP consists of individual and group therapy utilizing evidence-based and experiential modalities. Our goal is to provide every client with the skills and tools needed to lead an emotionally balanced and fulfilling life.

What a client can expect:

Clients can expect a smaller, more individualized program, with the one-on-one attention many clients need. Each week, clients will be involved in ten hours spread over three days. Nine of those hours are in the group setting, with one individual hour with a trained clinical staff member. The goal of our smaller-sized IOP is to help clients explore different obstacles in their lives, determine what they want in their future, learn how to set goals, and then work towards those goals.
In addition, unlike other programs, our IOP tends to be more hands on. This is achieved through incorporating music, drama, and yoga groups into our Cognitive Behavioral focused curriculum. Staying active adds a welcome balance to clinical work that helps reduce a client’s fatigue. We have found that clients enjoy the blend of hands-on groups with our Cognitive and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and are more likely to engage with our program due to the diversity in group topics. We have also found that our IOP is a great step down program for these same reasons.

Who’s right for our program?

Our program helps clients readjust after being in an in-patient setting, as well as clients that are looking for a program to help them build a proper foundation and structure in their life. From a harm-reduction standpoint, our program does not use shame, and we strive to meet clients where they are emotionally, behaviorally, and cognitively. While we are not specifically an addiction- focused program, some of our clients do struggle with substance and non-substance addictions. We are trained, and willing, to administer urine analysis (UAs) and other drug testing to help clients stay on the road to success.
We Accept Most Insurance Plans
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Meet Our IOP Staff & Group Facilitators

Eric B. Carlson, MFT  |  The Life Adjustment Team | Culver City, CA
Eric B. Carlson, LMFT
Director, Intensive Outpatient Programs
Eric currently serves as the Director of the mental health primary Intensive Outpatient Program at Life Adjustment Team – working with clients suffering from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and other serious mental health issues in group, individual and family settings.  In addition to serving as Director of LAT’s IOP, Eric has been a Case Manager at LAT since August 2014, working on community based psychiatric rehabilitation with individual clients and their families.  Since starting at the Self Injury Institute in September 2014, Eric has worked intensively with self-injurers and their families as a Lead Family Therapist (i) conducting consultations, (ii) directing family intake assessments, (iii) writing up intensive family analyses and treatment plans, (iv) administering and analyzing psychometric measures for anxiety, depression, substance use, and couple/family functioning, and (iv) conducting family sessions.

Hiroko Saeki, MA
Group Facilitator, IOP
Hiroko holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, Spiritual and Depth Psychology specialization, from Antioch University Los Angeles; a Bachelor’s Degree in Theater from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA); and a certificate in Drama Therapy from the Drama Therapy Institute of Los Angeles.  Hiroko currently facilitates drama therapy groups at several locations, serving people struggling with mental illness and/or developmental disabilities.  In addition to her drama therapy work, she is currently interning at the Antioch University Counseling Center to become a Marriage and Family Therapist.  Hiroko worked with people struggling with severe mental illness/dual diagnoses and homelessness as a starting member of the UCLA’s Creative Minds Project, offering expressive arts-based therapeutic groups (drama, photo, art, movement, and drumming) at local homeless agencies.  Hiroko has both witnessed and experienced transformational power of drama over the years, and she uses symbolic, imaginative, and experiential approaches to promote symptom relief, healing, greater integration of self, and personal growth.

Ericka Hofmeyer, Ph.D
Group Facilitator, IOP
Dr. Ericka Hofmeyer is a clinical psychologist and a licensed marriage and family therapist. She has been leading psychotherapy groups for nearly a decade. She specializes in co-occuring issues: addictions, mood disorders and changes throughout life. Dr. Hofmeyer utilizes a foundation steeped in psychoanalytic theory and infused with mindfulness based skill-building practices to assist clients in better knowing themselves. Her goal is to educate, encourage and engage clients to become curious about themselves and the world around them.

Namoi Buckley, MA, MFA, LMFT
Group Facilitator, IOP

Naomi originally trained as an artist at Claremont Graduate University and continues to teach art in public classes and private workshops. She is also a licensed Marriage and Family therapist in private practice in Pasadena and Culver City and a registered yoga teacher at the 200 hour level. Naomi believes in a mind body connection and has seen the benefits of yoga and mindfulness in her clients lives. She finds yoga to be a valuable tool in identifying critical self-talk, reducing stress and anxiety and creating focused awareness. 

Eric B. Carlson, MFT  |  The Life Adjustment Team | Culver City, CA
​John Mews, BMT, MA, MFTA
Group Facilitator, IOP
John received his bachelor’s degree in music therapy from Capilano University in Vancouver, BC. After six years in private practice, John got his master’s degree in marriage and family therapy from the University of San Francisco.  Since then he has expanded his practice to provide counseling, support, and education to the whole family. Recently, John has studied his advanced training in Neurologic Music Therapy and is supporting clients through evidenced-based neurological music therapy practice.