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Today recovery from mental illness is possible.

It is disheartening to repeatedly have to deal with the stress, challenges and setbacks when someone you care about is struggling with stability. Often people feel there is no hope or oppose treatment because of previous experiences with the mental health system.

Are your dreams for the future getting derailed by a mental illness or by substance abuse? Even with your best effort, are you at a loss to find a solution that works?

The Life Adjustment Team takes a very different approach to successful rehabilitation and recovery.

For the past 35 years, our treatment method has empowered patients and family members to break this cycle and return to meaningful, enjoyable lives. Involvement with the Team not only helps improve the patients  life, but also those of family and friends.

Experience the security of knowing your family is on track with the correct treatment approach, experienced professionals, and a plan to help you and your family succeed.

Our Program

Our treatment approach is based on a method developed at LAT to insure consistent quality care, accountability, and measurable outcomes for successful rehabilitation. The Life Adjustment Team's treatment method is a structured approach to recovery, but equally important is the Teaching, Mentoring and Coaching provided during each visit by a caring Team member dedicated to helping you or your loved one stay on track and achieve the highest level of functioning possible.

Why We Are Different

We come to you: Our staff is comfortable and confident in most community situations and teach, mentor, and coach in a caring and sensitive manner. We provide one-to-one support in the home, community, school or workplace, when appropriate. Team members are selected for their compassion, commitment and professionalism. The clinicians at LAT are masters and doctorate level clinicians and are trained extensively in evidence-based community-oriented psychosocial rehabilitation techniques.

We focus on your priorities: During our initial assessment over the first few visits, we will define your top three Rehabilitation Priorities. The plan for each visit is based on addressing at least one if not all of the identified rehabilitation priorities.

You break the old patterns: It's hard to change, and harder to maintain change unless you know how. The structure and support offered by the Team can break the pattern of relapse or self-sabotage. Learning new and better ways to navigate life helps you to attract the things that will make you successful. The Life Adjustment Team is about getting well, staying well and "Learning to Live Well."

What We Treat

The Life Adjustment Team treats individuals with a variety of conditions. Our approach to successful living involves three phases: stability, activity and productivity. While we address core medical problems, we also focus on building positive relationships and teach people how to manage their illness. Most importantly clients gain self-confidence, find direction, and ultimately re-engage in meaningful pursuits such as hobbies, school, and work.

While the proper diagnosis is important to treatment, the emphasis at LAT is to support people on their journey of recovery and to help them utilize every opportunity in their day-to-day life to learn and grow.

The Life Adjustment Team has successfully helped individuals with:

Depression bullet Anxiety Disorders bullet Bipolar Disorder bullet Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) bullet Schizophrenia bullet Social Phobias bullet Panic Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder and the co-occurring addictions when appropriate

We will help you make the right choices about treatment to get back on track.

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