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Find Out What Is New About Anxiety Disorders

One in five Americans has been diagnosed with at least one kind of anxiety disorder. Because the ailment is so common, anxiety disorder research is ongoing. Here is a look at some important findings about anxiety.

Every Person Is Different

There are a few different kinds of anxiety medicine a doctor may prescribe, and they don’t result in the same outcome for everyone. For some, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) work very well, but in others they do little more than reduce the libido while causing insomnia and jitters.

Childhood Stress Can Be a Factor

While not everyone who had a stressful childhood develops anxiety and depression, it does seem to be a contributing factor for people who already have a family history of these ailments. In a study involving rats, researchers found that experiencing frequent social defeat led to an increase in crippling fear later in life.

Science hasn’t answered all the questions yet about anxiety, but continued research could lead to better answers than what is currently available. Keep lines of communication open between you and your doctor, especially if you are trying a new medication. You are not alone and someday this ailment may be as well understood as other common minor ailments. To learn more about anxiety medication and research, call The Life Adjustment Team in Culver City.