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Lori A., Parent

My son suffered with depression for the last 12 years starting in college. I wish I had found them years ago. For the past 2 years he was unable to work, leave the house or even shower. He was so depressed and at times, threatening to take his life. We’d been through a few therapists and an outpatient program and were not getting anywhere. Our therapist recommended that he needed someone to take him out and be by his side but didn’t know of anyone. I had started going to NAMI meetings and asked if they knew anyone who did this kind of work, and they did! Another parent in the group recommended LAT. Our first visit was November 2017. The team was incredible…They understood just what we were going through and how to help the ENTIRE family. It started with (3) 2 hour visits a week. They really got to know him well and understood him better than any therapist could. Although he was depressed, they recognized he was also OCD and suggested medication changes to his psychiatrist which were implemented with great success. They also helped the rest of the family deal with his disease. As a parent I finally found I had some one to lean on and guide me through this ordeal. It’s now December 2018, just 1 year later, and my son is working full time at a job he loves and living on his own two hours away from us. As all our friends and family say it’s a miracle but it’s not, we finally found the right treatment and I am thankful for that!