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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Specialists
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Dina Hernandez, MSW

Clinical Case Manager

Dina is a dedicated and compassionate social worker who has demonstrated a deep commitment to working with diverse populations throughout her career. She recognizes the unique challenges and strengths that individuals from various backgrounds face. With a Master’s in Social Work from Boston College, Dina has made significant contributions to the field of social work, particularly in evidence-based outcomes, health and wellness, and research collaborations with prestigious universities including Harvard and Boston University. 

Health and wellness are central aspects of Dina’s approach to social work. She recognizes that physical, mental, and emotional well-being are interconnected and essential for individuals to thrive. One of her core principles is the integration of evidence-based outcomes in her practice. Dina actively promotes holistic approaches that prioritize the overall health of her clients, recognizing the significance of prevention and intervention in achieving optimal outcomes. Dina is driven by a genuine passion for social justice and equity. By combining her academic knowledge, field experience, and dedication, Dina strives to create positive and sustainable change in the lives of individuals and communities. Dina joined the Life Adjustment Team in 2023.