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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Specialists
Established in 1977

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Getting Started

First Step

Working with The Life Adjustment Team begins with an initial meeting with our Clinical Team, the client when possible, and key members of the family. The purpose of this meeting is to acquaint the family with the specific procedures and programs offered by the Team, identify the current problems, and obtain a relevant history. If there is a consensus to proceed, parameters for the Team’s involvement are established and a contract for the delivery of services is initiated.

Second Step

Once the family has agreed to retain the Team and support treatment, an appointment with the client is arranged. Care is taken to establish a positive relationship by proposing a “get acquainted” period of approximately two weeks called the Engagement Period. There is no commitment from the Team or the client for ongoing care at this point. This Engagement Period provides an opportunity to establish the trust necessary to conduct the initial assessment, which determines whether there are areas that the client is willing to address with the Team. This process usually identifies several areas calling for attention. It also develops the mutual trust essential for proceeding in a cooperative effort.

During the Engagement Period, the Team will schedule a meeting with key family members to obtain a client and family history and discuss the benefits of the Family Services Program.

Third Step

At the end of the Engagement Period, the family is presented with the goals developed collaboratively by the Treatment Team and the client. Plans to achieve these goals are thoroughly discussed in order to develop strategies, create boundaries, and ensure continuity of treatment throughout rehabilitation. At this point, a decision is made as to whether all parties agree to participate in the proposed treatment plan.

Once a plan for achieving the goals is established and the intensity of treatment is determined, regular appointments are scheduled to carry out the treatment plan. Progress is reviewed every 90 days in Team meetings that include the client and the family. The intensity of treatment is decreased as clients develop structure and support from participating in meaningful daily activity.

After graduating from the Team, clients are always welcome to visit the office and may schedule single appointments on a pay-as-you-go basis.