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Psychiatric Rehabilitation Specialists
Established in 1977

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For the Clinician

The Team works with many different psychiatrists and psychologists whose patients are in need of extra support when participating in intensive outpatient therapy or when discharging from the hospital. Additionally, the Team can be utilized as a preventative measure during a difficult time as an alternative to hospitalization, when appropriate. In less severe situations, such as difficulty with organization, isolative behavior, or lack of motivation, the Team can provide the necessary support and resources to facilitate short-term interventions.

The Life Adjustment Team provides the psychiatrist​ and other treatment providers with a team professionally trained in evidence-based psychiatric rehabilitation methods. Observations and strategies are discussed at scheduled Team meetings and by phone as needed. Case Managers liaison between the family, physician, and patient, keeping all parties informed. Transportation to therapy can be arranged when necessary. Team members are able to give direct and timely feedback keeping clinicians apprised of problems or situations that may require special attention.